Don’t like running?
Want to reduce your chances of injury?
Want to improve your run times?
Learning POSE method running can help!

WHAT IS POSE METHOD®? The Pose Method is a system for teaching human movement. The name of the method comes from the word “pose” or “body position“.

•WHAT CAN IT DO? The Pose Method can dramatically improve training and racing performance, help prevent injuries and give a competitive edge.

•WHAT CAN IT DO FOR YOU? Imagine training and racing without fear… no fear of not knowing what you’re doing, no fear of injuries, no fear of not being good at your sport, no fear of overtraining… The Pose Method will give you the tools and confidence to take your racing/training performance to the next level.

When: Saturday April 25th 10am -12pm

Where: The run track on the corner of East and Newell Streets, Pittsfield, MA

How much: $30 per person

Sign up with Donna: 413-329-3115 or