What Does Fitness Look Like?
Written by C.J. Martin

Being thin is not the same as being fit. Despite the obviousness of this statement, many people still equate body weight with fitness. They believe that being thin is the ultimate goal. This notion is misguided on many levels.

What is thin? Everyone has a different concept of what thin might look like, and unfortunately, some believe that there is no such thing as too thin. This entirely subjective measure has inspired body image issues for countless men and women.

But most importantly, body weight does not tell us what you are capable of doing. CrossFit provides us a performance-based, objective measure by which to determine our fitness. By putting a stopwatch on your efforts, we are able to determine how much power you generate in any given workout. We can repeat our workouts every so often and determine exactly how much you have improved or regressed since your last effort. By providing several different benchmark workouts, we can track an individual’s work capacity over broad time and modal domains. This is our definition of fitness, and the measure by which we assess progress. There is no guesswork or subjective measure. CrossFit’s definition of fitness cuts through the superficial exterior and gets to the substance of whether you are capable of completing the most demanding of life’s tasks.

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