There is a lot of info floating around regarding this subject, here are just a few links:

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Greg Everett on Again Faster here.

Mark Rippetoe in the CrossFit Journal here.

After some discussion last weekend with Greg and Aimee at the Olympic Weightlifting Seminar and reviewing the info I have from Mark Rippetoe’s CrossFit Barbell Certification, I am going to continue with performing high bar back squats.

I had been doing low bar back squats right up until I did a cycle of Catalyst Athletics workouts last year. While low bar squats were making me stronger, I found that they did not transfer as well when practicing the Olympic lifts. I think this is due to the different demands that the Olympic lifts place upon your musculature.

What I found was that the while the low bar squat allows you to lift more weight, the high bar translates better to the movement patterns and positioning required for Olympic lifting.

You can make your own decision for strength bias work, but if you are coming to MaD CrossFit and want to work on the Olympic lifts, expect to be doing high bar squats.