Three-time Games competitor Jolie Gentry won the games in 2007. She placed fifth in 2008.
This year, she earned seventh place. With her finish, she also earned the award of Top Military or Law Enforcement Competitor of either gender, just beating Marine Patrick Burke, who finished eighth.

In this video from CrossFit by Overload, we see a showing of her best moments at the 2009 CrossFit Games and her award ceremony following the events on Sunday. Viking Tactics gave her a pistol of her choice, to which Jolie replies, “You guys are definitely the coolest sponsor we have.”
Viking Tactics offers shooting and tactical training to a wide variety of law enforcement officers, military units, and civilians.

Jolie Gentry gets top LEO/Mil award video … [wmv] [mov]

We watched Jolie workout at Catalyst the week before the games and were there cheering her on throughout the two days. She is one strong and determined woman. Congratualtions Jolie you are a very deserving winner.

Video Originally posted on the CrossFit Games site