Saturday’s sessions were the “Lumberjack 20” in honour of those killed and wounded on Nov 5th at Fort Hood, Texas.

20 x Deadlift (275#) – Donna and Jenny start the 9am session

Run 400m – Yanni chases Grant

20 x Kettlebell Swings (2 pood) – Donna looking good! Run 400m
20 x OverHead Squats (115#) – Yanni and Matt getting deep. Run 400m
20 x Burpees. Jenny and Donna crank them out. Run 400m
20 x Pull Ups – Matt gets chest to bar! Run 400m
20 x Box Jump. Jenny gets some air. Run 400m
20 x DB Cleans (45#) – Anthony finishes them off as Yanni and Matt offer some encouragement from the after wod position. Run 400m
We had lots of scaling and our latest newbie Grant did it with bodyweight exercises only. Great work by all and a fitting memorial workout.
Follow this link for more information about Project Lumberjack Fundraiser. If you would like to donate FOLLOW THIS LINK and share it with Family, Friends, and others.