Yanni knows that not being near the gym is no excuse so while in India he subs a coconut tree climb for a rope climb

Make 2010 a Successful Year

1. Nutrition: You know what you have to do. Make the commitment now! Not tomorrow, not next week, NOW. Clean out all the crap from your house and Make a menu of tasty real food.

2. Train your Weakness! We all have them. Pull ups? Dips? Push ups? Running? Flexibility? Pick one, train it, and conquer it! Then pick another one.

3. Set a Short Term and Long Term goal. When you meet your goal, pick another. You should always have a realistic goal set.


5. SLEEP MORE. The most important sleep you’ll get is before midnight. Try to keep regular hours.

6. HYDRATE- drink water.

7. Show up to class. Be consistent with your training. You can’t expect change without the effort.

8. Proper Body Maintenance. You need to stretch, foam roll and use the tennis ball to keep you muscles tension free. If your muscles are tight, they will not respond the way you need them too. Do this on your own as well as in the gym, especially before you go to bed.

9. Listen to your Coach. We know what’s best. Trust our scaling, check your ego, we can see your fatigue and issues with form. We will keep you safe and make sure you challenge yourself in your workout. Trust us; we are looking out for YOU.

10. Encourage Others. We are building a community of athletes that will support and encourage each other. We are all suffering at our own level. Cheer, support, spot, or finish their reps with them!

11. Know your Limits. If you are having a stressful week at work, not getting enough sleep or just feeling exhausted, you still need to come to the gym. You can go at ½ intensity, just do the warm up and stretch, there are choices. Even injury does not mean sit still, keep moving within your limits.