Here are a few simple steps to help you meet your nutrition goals for 2010!

Step 1

Buy fruits and vegetables when they’re in season. They will be less expensive and taste great. You can also freeze many veggies after you cook them. Buy extra blueberries and strawberries when they are on sale and freeze them.

Step 2

Eat at home. Cooking meals made from fresh, healthy ingredients saves you money and it’s easier to eat healthy.  Try new recipes and experiment with spices. Add one or two new paleo recipes a week.

Step 3

Cook enough so you’ll have lunch for tomorrow. You don’t want to think about every meal, so plan ahead.

Step 4

In a hurry? Pick up a cooked chicken and add it to your salad or stir fry vegetables.

Step 5

Try new veggies! Not sure how to cook them? Google it! Add lots of colorful vegetables and step out of your box and try new things. Share what works! Email your recipes and I’ll put together a MaD online cookbook.

Step 6

Make your coffee at home and then drink water throughout the day. Save your money! Buying coffee out is expensive, stick to one cup in the morning, then sip water throughout the day. Hydrate before and after your workout.

Step 7

You must plan ahead to make this work. Make a menu, experiment with a couple new dishes, plan out breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week. If you’re going out with friends, cut yourself some slack and have a cheat night. Keep it clean Monday through Friday for a start.

Now get out there and do it!