1. Ego check at the door. Everyone is at different levels. That level will be dictated by several things, age, fitness, technique, flexibility, strength, balance to name a few. Do not try to keep up with the person next to you. Do your workout, push hard at your pace, and maintain form.
  2. STRETCH, if you have to leave right after your wod, you better be stretching and rolling out at home or the office. It is an important part to your training. You will spend an hour training, 30 minutes commuting, 2 hours watching TV, but you can’t spend 5 minutes? Do it!
  3. Be Patient. It took you years to get tight, inflexible, weak, etc. whatever it is, work on it and have patience, it WILL get better.
  4. Scale appropriately. Need a band to get full range of motion? Can’t hold OHS form with a PVC? SCALE to get the best workout you can and get stronger/more flexible than you were yesterday. Work your strengths, Work ON your weaknesses.
  5. Educate yourself. Get a membership to the Crossfit Journal for $25us and read it! Lots of good stuff.  Sign up here: http://id.crossfit.com/a/signup.php?product_id=1
  6. Work on your nutrition everyday. Log it, think about it, and hold yourself accountable.
  7. Work hard. Don’t cheat your workout. You’re there; you got through the door, so give it your all.
  8. Focus on yourself. You’ve got one hour for some ‘me time’. Forget the world, come in work hard, do the best you can! Get stronger, gain confidence and surround yourself with supportive, competitive friends.
  9. Work your strengths, Work ON your weaknesses.
  10. Show up. Be consistent; make the time in your schedule for a few hours a week to come to MaD Crossfit. 
  11. Don’t Cherry Pick! If you see the wod post in the morning and don’t turn for up for your session because you don’t like it, then you are cherry picking. Get in the gym, conquer your fears. Our programming is deliberate, don’t mess with it.