Cara nails a Muscle Up

We have recently set short term and long term goals. The first set of goals will be tested and reviewed in April. Consistent training is a big part of achieving your goals, and so is attitude. Here are a few things to keep in mind while working towards your goals:
Know that pain is temporary – set realistic goals and know that it won’t be easy. Sometimes you have to push through the pain to get the results you want. 
Make the right choices. There are things out there that will make reaching your goals easier or harder. Things like stretching, proper sleep, paleo diet, and trying to cut back on stressors will make it easier to reach your goals. 
You can see things as a positive or a negative. With focus and a positive mind set you can do anything.
Give it 100%. When you walk through the door, forget everything else and give it your all. 
Surround yourself with positive people that will support your efforts and goals.
Poor efforts are going to produce poor results. If you don’t put time and energy into something, you aren’t going to get your desired outcome. Whatever it is that you want, jump in with both feet, read about it, watch videos, set aside time to work on your goals and stick to your plan.