Some wise words from our friend Dutch Lowy.


First tip:

I know CF is all about performance and we all want to get better at every workouts.  I also know that we are constantly evaluating ourselves compared to others in the gym.  For those of you serious about training that really want to see marked improvement in your performance, Please understand that its acceptable, if not normal, to perform at submax levels on a daily and weekly basis.  By submax I mean NOT hitting a PR everytime you do a movement or a certain workout.  For those of you without an exercise science background, or athletic background for that matter.  There is a theory called super compensation.  basically it says training will cause you to appear deconditioned for a period of time before your body adapts and swings your performance into the green and you actually get better.  Ideally this is when you should attempt PR’s.  Conversely when you attempt max efforts while in the red or “deconditioned” state you should not expect record times or weights.  This is simply an indicator of an effective training program.  A good sign that you are on a good program is that you start to hit record weights or times in your last week of training before a competition.  Moral of the story, don’t freak out if you don’t PR everytime you attempt a lift or workout.  In fact be proud of yourself because your PR’s are actually good representations of your abilities.

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