Who wants to fail? What? No one? We go through life trying to avoid failure. We make conscious choices that will lead us to a path of success. Success after all is a feeling of accomplishment, achievement and self confidence.

I want you to fail. I want you to push yourself hard and find your limits. I want you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When you fail you will succeed…..at finding your 1 rep max. You will feel accomplishment, knowing where you are going to go next. You will gain confidence after pushing your boundaries. You will then have a game plan. A goal.

Setting goals and pushing your limits is important as an athlete, yes, you are an athlete. If you never fail at a lift, how will you ever know your limit? Then how will you set your goal?

So, lets remember, it’s ok to fail, in fact, we want you too.

Focus on YOUR wod

Competition is a beautiful thing. You push harder, you go faster and you gain confidence as you bump up the preverbal ladder. Let’s remember that competition, within class or within CrossFit, is firstly against yourself. No looking over your shoulder, no throwing form to the side to get a faster time and NO GOING WITH LIGHTER WEIGHT OR EASIER SCALING JUST TO WIN THE WOD!! After all, if you use light weight, bands and short range of motion what are you really winning?  Bad form? No strength gain? Is that what you want? NO!

So, always, work to do that Rx’d weight, even if it slows you down, get full range of motion even when the coach isn’t looking, and for Gods sake when we give you a cue listen to us even if it slows you down a bit. Form….Consistency…..Intensity.

Most of the time, everyone in class is doing a scaled version of the wod. A different scaled version from you! Focus on gaining the strength that will increase your speed and endurance. Then, when we do those wod’s that are body weight and level the playing field, have fun and go for it!


 I see all sorts of schedules in the gym. Some come 2x per week, some 3x, some 1x or not at all and then others come as often as possible, working half intensity and taking rest days when needed. To improve your strength and increase your knowledge of movements you need to come in at least 3x a week. Any less and you’re treading water. I understand you have work, family, sports, etc. But, we are asking for a commitment. If you find excuses week after week for not showing up on time, focused and ready to work….please rethink your priorities.

Congratulations to all of those who are consistent and keep writing on the PR board and erasing old goals you’ve met and writing new ones. Love it! Keep up the great work.

Thank you all for making MaD Crossfit a great community. I look forward to teaching each class and I am so proud watching you all get stronger and meeting your goals.

Stretch, get some rest, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Donna – D$

MaD CrossFit Strength and Conditioning Gym - Clean, tidy and ready for another week of lifting heavy shit!