I was very much like most endurance athletes. I rode my mountain bike as often as possible for as long as possible. I ran and taught spin class and I did very little weightlifting. I was tight and sore most of the time. I ate oatmeal for energy before long rides and I drank beer after to celebrate the suffering I just endured. After all, I was getting stronger right?

That was 3 years ago. Now, I CrossFit. What does that mean….? I show up to the gym ready to train. If I am sore I roll out or grab a lacrosse ball. I want to bring my best to each training session. I want to get the most out of that hour I am in the gym. I am focused.

When I lift, I lift heavy. I know my 1RM’s and I work my percentages. I know this is the best way to get the most of my hour in the gym. When it is time for my met con I try to beat the piss out of it. I go as hard as I can and I always have great success knowing I did my best. When I scale, I make sure it will get me stronger. I take great pride is doing the met con as rx’d even if it takes a bit more time. I own my met con, it does not own me.

After, I stretch. I stretch and roll out in the gym, I do it again at home. I do it for next time. Last night I iced. I sat and ate dinner with ice on my knee and arnica rubbed into my shoulders. I am an athlete and I want to bring my best to the gym tomorrow. I eat, sleep, and replenish.

I share all this with you daily. I give you the tools to keep you safe, get the most our of your body no matter how young, old, busy or broken you may be. You know what to do.  You work hard 8+ hours each day. Aren’t you worth 5 minutes of pampering each night? I think you are.





I still mountain bike and race. Training smarter and harder, but not longer has given me more time to spend doing the things I love. I have gotten so much stronger, it makes everything easier, be it mountain biking or loading a 30kg bag of dog food into the car. – D$

Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. – Mark Rippetoe

On another note, Rache and Sovita test drove our weightlifting shoes during Saturday’s skills session and are convinced. With Donna going to the US next month, it is a great opportunity to save on shipping and get her to bring you back a pair. Ours came from Again Faster, let Donna know if you are interested.

Next Saturday we will open at 10am, invite your friends along for some strongman skills and a workout followed by some grilled meat (provided by MaD) and whatever paleo treats you would like to share.