Like ‘diet’, training should not be done for a short time. It should be something that becomes part of your lifestyle. Getting in shape for an event is great motivation, but you need to maintain your health throughout your life.

I think it’s great when members sign up and say, “I’m going to give it 3 months and see how it goes.” They actually think they can get what they want in 3 months then quit….but before the 3 months is up, they get it. This is a life time commitment.

Here are some tips to keep you motivated, safe and gaining strength for a lifetime!

1. Breakfast is important. If you change this one thing in your diet first, it will lead you down the right path. Eat a healthy paleo breakfast at the start of each day. You’ll have better focus at work and hopefully you’ll make better food choices the rest of the day.

2. If you want to lift heavy weight you have to face your limitations. For men, its usually shoulder and hip mobility. For women it’s midline stability. Own it, work it, fix it.

3. If you are just starting to lift on a regular basis, you’ll have about 2 years of PR’s ahead of you. Get your form and we’ll load you up. Be patient, eat better, stretch, roll and keep lifting.

4. Work your strength and weakness in the warm up. Can’t do a dip? Then use a light band even if you only get one at a time. Weak midline? Make all your sit ups weighted. Working on something specific? Let us know.

5. Un-weighed un-measured Paleo eating works best. If you can pick or kill it….eat it! Don’t be afraid to add real fat to your diet. If you want to know more, borrow a book from MaD’s lending library. EDUCATE yourself.

6. Sometimes you need a ½ intensity week. If you dread your training time, you may need to back off weight and intensity. Keep it light and snappy, work technique, only body weight, whatever….but about every 5or 6 weeks you should back it off and use it for a recovery week. Try it, it will recharge your workouts and you’ll hit it that much harder after. (I am talking to the steady members who come in at least 3x a week each week.)

7. Pick 2 things you suck at and work them twice a week until you conquer it! Double unders, kipping pull ups, dips, overhead squat, etc….pick 2! Work down your list.

8. Make the effort to attend the Skill Sessions on Saturday. If you can’t make it and need to work on a skill you may have to book a private session. Suck it up, do it and you’ll improve.

9. Great, Good and Terrible….don’t just remember the things you suck at. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Cut yourself some slack and enjoy the movements you are good at.

10. Yes, this is hard. Once you get your kip then you work on getting 5, once you get stronger in a lift, you’ll add more weight, each time we repeat a wod, you want to go faster and heavier.

Each time you walk through the door you will be greeted with challenges, you will be shown your weaknesses, and you will keep coming back over and over again.



Some awesome efforts during “Fran” on Friday

and the “Filthy 50” on Saturday.