Name: Karaitiana Wilson

Birth date: 05/12/1976

 CrossFitting Since: March 2010

 First wod: 3RFT 10sqt, 15kb swings, 10 box jumps @ 11:13 and a blown fufu valve.  Rehash on August 2nd (Love you Da!, this ones for you) 3:24.

 Favourite wod: CrossFit Total

 What I hate to see on the board: Walking into the unknown is the best thing about CrossFit.  I don’t have time to talk myself out of it.  It’s just me and the clock, no excuses.

 Favourite Lift: Dead Lift

 Time of day I prefer to wod: Early morning (but not THAT early!), if I had a choice, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Is awesome to have a range of class times and coaches who are patient enough to let me “catch-up” when I miss a class.

 Biggest change in myself physically: Lost twenty-two kilos, and feel stronger than when I was “training” 2 times a day, five to six days a week.

 Biggest change mentally: Sharper focus later into the day, and an ability to push myself past the temporary discomfort of some wod’s.

 Next 3 month goal: Lower run times, double unders and kipping pull ups

 Most memorable moment: First unbroken string of burpees (25), and still managed a decent time on the wod afterwards.

 Why I Crossfit: Initially to get into NZ Police, now for the love of it and the knowledge that I will be here a little longer for my family (I now appreciate how unhealthy I was, and the potential health issues this encouraged)

 Last Cheat Meal: Roast kumara and potato and cheese cake (not on same dish)

 How do you answer a friend when they ask, “what is crossfit?”: Everything we should be doing instead of sitting on our arse in front of the computer.  I then direct them to this video:, with the rider that it is functional strength training done at high intensity, using solid foundation and core strength.  (Now if I can just live up to that!)

 Chur!  Big Ups the MaD CrossFit Massif!