Thank you all for making the effort to be there yesterday. Here are my notes in the hope that it will help you remember some of the things we went over. If you ever need a specific stretch or have a question, please ask. We are here to help you become better athletes and keep you healthy and strong for life. Hope you all bought some fish oil yesterday.


Kelly Starrett the rock star of Crossfit Mobility has a new blog, check it out HERE.

Why we should Care About Mobility:

Improve Performance

Injury Prevention

Injury Resolution

Leads to Ideal Technique

CF is the best Tool on the planet, but limitations will arise

Load Appropriately to succeed with your limitations, whatever they may be THAT day.

Form before Intensity – TRAIN FOR LIFE!

Once you’ve lost Positioning you can never get back.  Even with only 20% slop in your workout, you have still lost your position.  That puts you at risk for injury.

Common examples of “lost position” are:

      adducted knees on squats

      Rounding back

      Over flexed lumbar

      Hips under extended in drive overhead

Shoulders- Who has sore shoulders and what are you doing about it? Recover Like it is your JOB, work on it every day. Take the steps to heal yourself. Repair and recover. You do not need to live in any pain. Bring better balance to your life, by taking care of yourself.

All you need at home to help your recover is – Ball, two tennis balls (taped together) and a strap

Make all Stretches PNF for quicker change (static stretching will take longer to see change)

Foot – Lacrosse Ball

Calves – Wall Stretch and Lacrosse Ball

Hips – Wall stretch or pole

Quads – Knee to floor push hip forward

Hamstrings – strap resistance

Back –squat and sit for 10minutes

Pecs – resist on bar

Triceps – across chest with resistance

Forearms – against floor


Shoulders – roll, straps, bands, thumbs down on the bar

Neck – ear to shoulder, chin to chest with resistance

 The BIG 3 –

Fish Oil


Stretch every day