It’s time to get ready for ‘Fight Gone Bad’

All Members are welcome to come test their skills on Saturday, Sept 11, 9am. We’ll be running continuous Fight Gone Bad Sessions.

We will review standards and movements before we begin. This is the perfect time to test your skill level and game plan for the real deal on September 25th.

All Non Members who have registered online at MaD Crossfit are welcome to join in the fun. If you haven’t registered, get your arse in gear and support a Worldwide Event.

Thank you all who have registered and will be joining us to raise funds for the Cancer Society of New Zealand. We appreciate any support you can offer.

Spot prizes for the 25th include clothing from “DEKOMS”, Massage vouchers and posters.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, find out more HERE.

All fitness levels are welcome!

Rache and Sovita get in some practice shots

DEKOMS Clothing