Name: Rachael

Birth date: 6/7/83

CrossFitting Since: March 2010

First wod: Sprints and Deadlifts. Failed Big Time.

Favourite wod: Something with Cleans and KB swings.

What I hate to see on the board: Running. Its like I can only go one speed. Slow.

Favourite Lift: Cleans. Gotta love those fast elbows.

Time of day I prefer to wod: PM – I seem to go harder then. Although the morning workouts with the ladies are great!

Biggest change in myself physically: Feeling hard muscle under my skin instead of softness. Never had that and it’s awesome.

Biggest change mentally: Getting the whole strength is sexy thing. I used to think I just wanted to be skinny. Now I want to be a strong and healthy woman. Being able to do pull-ups and press some weight are now more important to me than losing a few kg’s.

Next 3 month goal: Master those darn pull-ups. And make friends with the back squat.

Most memorable moments: First WOD fail and competing at the Women’s Only lifting comp. Seeing those women lift heavy shit was inspiring.

Why I Crossfit: Because it challenges me, keeps me on my toes and pushes barriers that I thought I couldn’t do. Because the people who go inspire me to push harder. Because the effort I put in gives me back twice as much. Because when I go, its me-time (even if there’s a full class!).

Last Cheat Meal: French Toast… double the badness with grains and sugar.

How do you answer a friend when they ask, “what is crosfit?”: Its like nothing you’ve done before but its what you should be doing if you want to get fit. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Oh, and you won’t turn into a she-man doing it!