the calm before the storm

Awesome day yesterday over $1600.00 raised for the Cancer Society. A great CrossFit community event from MaD CF, CF Mana, CF Kapiti, MY CrossFit and Sync Fitness.

The results:

First Name Surname Crossfit Association SCORE
Class A – Men’s Standard Rx    
Aaron James CrossFit Mana 383
Mike Young MyCrossFit 333
Aaron Beamsley Sync 320
Luke McGruer CrossFit Mana 319
Deejay Waiwai CrossFit Mana 301
Nick Wickham CrossFit Mana 296
Ryan Wall Sync 294
Aaron Worthy MaD Crossfit 293
Kieran McClymont MyCrossFit 289
Ryan Want MyCrossFit 261
Will Farmer MaD Crossfit 261
Jamie Te Hiwi MyCrossFit 252
Adam Blair MaD Crossfit 251
Alex Manders MaD Crossfit 233
Chris McSweeney CrossFit Kapiti 232
Mike Shafer MaD Crossfit 231
John Luamanu Crossfit Mana 228
Paul Ryan MaD Crossfit 226
Max Bell MyCrossFit 225
Darron Mitchell Sync 208
Barry Cumming MaD Crossfit 202
Longaeve Grainger Sync DNS
James Watson Whitehouse MyCrossFit DNS
Neil Passey Sync DNS
Class B Women Standard Rx/Modified Men  
Jenn James CrossFit Mana 270
Sovita Corkin MyCrossFit 270
Senol Akbaba CrossFit Kapiti 254
Helen Horrell CrossFit Kapiti 236
Rachael Farmer MaD Crossfit 213
Kasaya Manulevu Sync 194
Amy Mackenzie MaD Crossfit 188
Kimberley Norman MyCrossFit 140
*Tayna Bockett MyCrossFit 201*
Alanagh Cuncannon Sync DNS
Rebecca Willaims Sync DNS
    *step ups not as RX’d
Erika Ruff Sync 321
Rose Syms None 295
Janna Kostus MyCrossFit 272
Joanna Gould   267
Fran Weinstein Sync 262
Jenny Woodward MaD Crossfit 244
Annalies Thomas CrossFit Mana 240
Suzanne McCarty Sync 215
oliver jennings MyCrossFit 215
Carol Bateman Sync 212
First Name Surname Crossfit Association SCORE
Amy Kuru Crossfit Mana 424
Sam McSweeney CrossFit Kapiti 394
Belinda McBride Crossfit Mana 363
Karlene Ujdur Crossfit Mana 347
Zac McSweeney CrossFit Kapiti 299
Renae Laws Crossfit Mana 294
Julie McDougall CrossFit Kapiti 282
Danielle Dufty None 274

deep in the heart of the fight

any age, any fitness level

More pics to be posted on Flikr, keep an eye out.

Fight. Gone. Bad!

Also a big thanks to Luke for the DEKOMS clothing, look out for the new lines of 100% NZ designed and made clothing coming soon to a CrossFit near you. 

Next month get set for Barbells for Boobs!