Just a quick note on some happenings coming up.

We will be CLOSED over Labour Weekend, last class will be 6am and 7am on Friday 22 Oct and we will re open with the 4:30pm class on Tuesday 26th Oct. Take the opportunity to rest, stretch, try a new sport or just hang with friends and family.

“Amazing Grace” Barbells For Boobs is on 30th Oct starting at 10am. Register here. Should be a fun time with the guys and gals from CrossFit Mana coming down to play. We will be doing a practice run at the 9am class on 16 Oct for those who want to see where they are at.


How has CrossFit affected your life?  An interesting perspective here from CrossFit Verve.

Just tell your coach to press button B for Tabata


On another note, does this describe you?  “Clock Whores”

“Definition of a Clock Whore: Person who is so obsessed with beating the clock/others that they will prostitute themselves and sacrifice important and vital components of training such as range of motion, repetitions or other performance metrics for a “better” time.”

Read the article and think about it next time you hit a WOD.

Post your thoughts to comments.