New Year, New You Challenge!

Rules for 2011’s  1st Challenge 

What: New Year, New YOU Challenge! 

Who: Any current or past member of MaD CrossFit can sign up!

Where: MaD CrossFit Strength and Conditioning Gym or Online (click here to register)

Why: To Look, Feel and Perform Better!          

When: Make an appointment to get measured and have pics taken between Jan 5th – Jan 8th.

Men will wear shorts and no shirt, women will wear some sort of sports bra and shorts.

(pics will not be made public without your permission)

Challenge dates: Jan 8th – Feb 28th.

Wrap up: Feb 28th – March 5th, you will make an appointment to get re-measured and have after pics taken.

Winners: Top 5 contenders, as decided by MaD, will pick the winners. Winners will be announced Saturday March 6th.

Prizes: Top Male and Female will spilt the cash. Runners up will receive 50% off MaD dues for the following month.

Cost: $20 each (all money goes to winners).

Fit Test: You will be doing a benchmark wod at the beginning of the challenge and restest at the end. Wod is :

 Row 500m

40 Squats

30 Sit Ups

20 Push Ups

10 Pull ups

Once you have signed up and paid you will receive an “Intro to Primal” online package that will include information, cookbooks, tips and popular blog links that will help keep you motivated.

Feel free to post feedback in daily comments section each day. There will be two optional meetings during the challenge, Saturday, Jan 22 & Feb 12 at 10am during open gym. 

Sign up Now!