New Year, New You Challenge

So, week one is done. How did you do? Did you have a full week of success and ready to move on to the next step? Or have you messed up a bit and still working on breaking some bad habits?

However you answer, the goal is to stick with it. Forgive yourself for any screw ups and hit the restart button.

Feel free to share in comments during the week. Have you found new recipes? Have any tips to share?

If you haven’t used the food log on the last page of “Intro to Primal Eating” please start this week. Write down your successes and failures.

Week one:

• Cut out all liquids except, coffee, tea and water.

• Try to add veggies/fruit to every meal/snack

• Eat some form of animal protein at least 2 times a day

• Reduce, then remove all sugar from your diet

• Take 3 grams of fish oil a day or at least up your fish intake

If you have followed these steps for 7 days, its time to move on to step 2. You will all receive an email on Wednesday with new information to keep you motivated.

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