The main importance of goal setting is that it provides us direction and purpose. When we set goals, we will know what we want to achieve so that we can focus our minds on a target and not get distracted.

You have to set goals that are almost out of reach. If you set a goal that is easy to reach without much work or thought, you will be stuck with something below your full potential.

It’s important to make your goals as detailed as possible so it is clear in your mind. This will make it easier to pursue. If you don’t have goals then you are just wandering around without any clear direction of where you want to go.

The first step is to take action right now, however small. First set a 7 day goal that will feed into your longer term goal. Let’s say your 3 month goal is to do 10 push ups in a row. What will help you reach that goal? Attending class at least 3x a week could be a start, also proper diet, sleep, mobility wods, any one of these could be your 7 day goal.

Think about it, write it down, break it into bite size pieces, and get it done. Wake up each day knowing you’re taking steps to reach your goals. Otherwise you are just aimlessly wandering through life.

 Next week, we will be looking for your 7 day, 1 month and 3 month goals.

 “For me, goals are my road map to the life I want. They have helped me accomplish things I once thought were impossible.” – Catherine Pulsifer