Raukawa Needs our Help!
She has made a bet with her boxing coach that she will stick with a strict paleo diet and see if she can shed a few kgs. She has confessed that bread has been her down fall. Wanting to help, Matt and I decided to get a 30 day paleo challenge under way asap.
Start Date: May 16th
For 30 days, eating clean – what does that mean?
Are you completely new to primal eating (chocolate Milo cereal for brekkie, sammies for lunch and couldn’t recognise
a zucchini if it bit you?) or a veteran (can’t remember the last time you ate sugar and you kill your own meat)?
It’s tough to make changes to dietary habits that may have been a part of your entire life. So take it slow. If you can meet the requirements for an entire week, try the next step.
Step one
• Cut out all liquids except, coffee, tea and water.
• Try to add veggies/fruit to every meal/snack
• Eat some form of animal protein at least 2 times a day
• Reduce, then remove all sugar from your diet
• Take 3 grams of fish oil a day or at least up your fish intake.
Step two
• Reduce, then ultimately eliminate all grains from your diet (oats, rice, corn, quinoa can
be the last to go as they don’t contain gluten, but they are still very high in carbs)
• Ensure a serving of healthy fat at every meal/snack (A serving is 1-2 tbs of oil or butter,
or 2-4 tbs of avocado, coconut or nuts)
• Eat some form of animal protein at least 3 times a day
• Continue to focus on veggies and fruit, but try to emphasise veggies more.
A 3:1 ratio of veggies:fruit is good over the day.
Step three
• Only consume dairy, fruit or starchy veggies such as potatoes, kumara and parsnips
AFTER exercise, and only if it lasts longer than 20 mins or is at high intensity. If you can
handle dropping the spuds, do so as they are much higher in carbs than all other veggies
and are actually not that nutritious.
Step four – this is for people who have their nutrition extremely well dialed in and want
to fully lean out. Try for just 30 days.
• Drop dairy, fruit and starchy veg completely
Pick where you’re at…Then pick a partner. Raukawa and I are going to be partners. We will lean on each other for support, and confess if we cheat.
CHEAT: you will owe your partner $40 and 100 burpees. This is borrowed from CrossFit New Zealand who currently has their own challenge underway. If you CHEAT 3x in 30 days, you’re out!
You have one week to partner up!  BOOM!
1. We are ordering more sweatshirts. Pre-orders only. If you want one, please let me know size and color by Wednesday.

2. Great effort by all who joined in the Crazyman. Team Sara/Ann, Adam/Dan and our multisport team of Aaron/Matt and Donny all went out in the rain to compete. Well done! I have a feeling I’ll be doing massages most of the day tomorrow.

1st MTB Race

3. Bad As is booking up. Members PLEASE get signed up today to guarantee your spot. Beginners, Intermediate….all levels are welcome. Member Practice Sessions are May 20, 6pm – 8pm and May 28th, 8:30am – 10am.

4. First Olympic Weightlifting 101 session is May 14th at 10am. This will be the Clean and Jerk. New On Ramp graduates should attend if you are interested in Oly lifting in Group classes AND Bad As ladies please make an effort to attend.
Lastly I’d just like to say “consistency is key” !! Thank you all for making the effort to come in 3x per week on a consistent basis. Your reward for that consistency is in the results you’ll get in the near future. Keep up the good work.