Clean up your nutrition and help Raukawa  30 day Challenge is here!

For 30 days, starting May 16, ending June 14th, you will choose a MaD Member to team up with, trade emails, text, offer support, trade recipes, etc.

You will need to pick what level (see last Sunday’s post)  you’re starting at and name any bad habits you are going to give up for 30 days. For me?? It’s going to be chips, dark chocolate and no beer! Those are the few things I’ve been hanging on to.

So, make a plan and stick with it.

IF YOU CHEAT you will owe your buddy 100 burpees and $40. Cheat 3 times and you FAIL the 30 day challenge.

So far for buddies we have:








If you are joining in and not listed here, please let me know in comments or email.  

You may have also noticed we have a new toy in the gym, a digital SLR camera, so look forward to more pics on flikr as we get used to using the new toy.

Click on the image to see the detail we now capture 🙂

On another note we spent sometime yesterday running an intro session for 19 young soccer playing ladies who are part of the Upper Hutt Development Squad. Great work by all of you, be great to see you working on your strength and conditioning at Mad CrossFit :-).