In addition to it being Queens Birthday it is also the anniversary of D-Day in 1944, the Allied landing in western Europe that was the begining of the end of World War 2. In commemoration of that we will hit:

The Beach Assault
Row to shore-1000M row
Ascend the cliff-5 rope climbs – Long pants or long sox are a great idea!
Attack the objective-100 burpees and 100 wall balls (20#/14# to 10′)
Extract the wounded-50 Power Cleans (40/30kg) and a 200M Farmers Walk (53/35KBs)
Descend the cliff- 5 rope climbs
Extraction-1000M row

*This will be completed in teams of 2 or more. One athlete works at a time. If numbers preclude this we will modify the workout as required.


More on Saturday’s event, check out MaD’s new pink bumpers on the CrossFit Affiliate Blog. Also here is a pic of the whiteboard from the event, if you want to see every one of your lifts.

Checkout One Rep Max’s post here for some more props for the ladies who lifted and a couple of very cool pics.