Great work yesterday in the cold and wet as the Saturday morning crew took on Regional workout 6.

We are taking a break from the strength cycle for a week or so. Hope you are enjoying the change of pace. We will also be mixing it up a bit more in the next cycle so don’t think you know what’s coming next 🙂


The final four regional competitions of the CrossFit Games are on this weekend. Keep track of all the action here. MaD CrossFit was originally opened in the northeast region of the USA so we are enjoying watching all our friends from there throw it down this weekend.   If you are interested in being part of the games next year, then let us know and we will help get you there, either as an individual or as part of the affiliate team.

Rob Orlando at the Northeast Regional


There are a few new faces around, so if there is someone new in class take time to say hi and introduce yourselves.