We’ve all been there: in the middle of a hard workout, and BOOM! A muscle cramp attacks. Whether you’re plagued by charley horses or a stitch in your side, here are a few preventive measures.

•   Stay hydrated. Studies conflict on whether H2O is the answer, but fending off dehydration could help — and it certainly won’t hurt.

•   Get your vitamins. Whether you get ‘then through coconut water, bananas, or a multivitamin, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins B, D, and E could all help fight cramps.

•   Jump around. Workouts involving explosive movements like jumping (a.k.a. plyometrics) could help keep nerves from tiring and causing those cramps.

•   Warm up and cool down. A full warm-up and cool-down, including stretching, could keep cramps at bay.

The Takeaway: Muscle cramps can quickly impede in your workout. Try these tips to prevent them, and read on for ways to get rid of them once they start.

BBQ for Rocky and Zac April 20

Rocky is going to the USA to work and travel for 6 months starting in June. We will miss her greatly, she has been a great asset to our community. The good news is she will be back!

Zac is heading back to the USA for the first time in a year! I am sure his family and friends there will be happy to see him. Saying goodbye to Zac will be a great loss to MaD. He has been a great coach, workout partner and friend. You are welcome back any time Zac! He will be heading out May 1st.

Help us give them a big send off with a BBQ immediately following the Friday night class. MaD will supply the meat, just bring a dish to share and what ever you like to drink.

Bad As III

Save the date for Bad As III, June 2, 9am – 12pm working on details. This will be a women’s weightlifting event with a short strongman met con thrown in for fun. There will also be a men’s workout immediately after the women’s comp then BBQ. Details and registration will be released soon.

Schedule Alert for Easter weekend

Closed Friday April 6th
Closed Saturday April 7th
Closed Sunday April 8th

One Class ONLY Monday April 9th at 6pm

Booking News

Please try to book in on MindBody in advance. We have changed the default to 6 hours prior. If you don’t book within that time you can still come in. Don’t ever think you can’t come in if you don’t book in. We are just experimenting with all this to see what works and what doesn’t. Your feedback is important.

Newbies, please let us know the first couple of weeks you come into class. It is important we help you make that transition group classes.

Finally, something to think about regarding you running shoes.