From the comments and feedback we have had from the coaches, it sounds like you are all enjoying the break from lifting. I promise there are no burpees next week


It has been an interesting week over here in the USA. Last weekend we saw the top CrossFit athletes compete at the 2012 CrossFit Games. It is an amazing spectacle and has grown enormously since we first attended in 2009. Some people on viewing the games would think, well I can’t do that, so CrossFit is not for me. But you have to place it in perspective, the games are the absolute pinnacle of CrossFit as a sport and that sport is only one very small facet of CrossFit. We like to think that CrossFit makes you fitter for life not just CrossFit.

We got to spend some time with Gary Roberts and his family from the “Killing the Fatman” video series. He is a great example of what good nutrition and consistent effort at CrossFit can do for you. If you have not seen the series it is worth the time to watch his transformation. It has also extended to his family, as we joined his wife and daughter in a workout at Oceanside CrossFit. The positive impacts from CrossFit can be felt far from the  physical aspects of your life.

Matt talks coaching with Jonny, Hellzy and Jake.

We got to experience some great Olympic Weightlifting coaching from Coach B and two of his European based coaches, Simon and John. We then hung out with the crew that has gathered at Coach B’s post games. It was an interesting dinner with Jonny and Hellzy from CrossFit Northern Ireland, Simon and Melissa from Manchester, John and Sophie from Dublin, Jake from CrossFit by Overload, Coach B and Boss Hoss. Lots of experience at that table, as coaches, affiliate owners and crossfitters. Good times and a great opportunity to share experiences and advice.

On Friday we met with Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical Systems and are looking to train with him next year and if we can, bring him to the gym for a Be Your Own Body Guard Seminar. Check out some of his advice here.

We plan to visit CrossFit Invictus and Brand X next week, so you can look forward to some new techniques and cues in the next few months as we pass on what we have learned to you.