Great work on the workout yesterday. That was a tough one, especially for those who choose to take it on as an individual.

Now as promised here is the information regarding the in house oly comp that will take place on Sat Sept 15th.


For this program the onus is on you to do the work. You can do the work during class times, but you still need to sign in on Mind Body so we know you are coming. The lead coach will assign you a platform and then you need to get the work done. It will essentially be uncoached but if you want us to look at something just ask, or if a coach sees something that requires correction they will let you know.

As a warm up, get in some Dynamic Range Of Motion work and work some mobility movements off the MWOD posters. Then hit the Burgener Warm Up and Skill Transfer Exercises.

If you are unsure of what a movement is then check out the Exercise videos here on Catalyst Athletics:

If you still have questions after that ask a coach before or after class.

Saturday Sessions

In addition to this program, you can also look to attempt heavy singles a couple of times during your build up. We have Oly Skills on Aug 11 and 25 which would be a good time to try this.

This would be a Snatch Heavy Single followed by a Clean and Jerk Heavy Single.

Heavy Single= take the weight up to as heavy you can manage for a single rep without any misses, unless due to obvious technical mistakes.

Then the week before the Comp during Open Gym on Sep 8 we can test your max. This will be a 1 Rep max attempt with up to 3 attempts to achieve the weight.

The program is HERE. A huge thanks to Greg at Catalyst Athletics for the inspiration and resources. If you have any questions ask Matt in the first instance via

Thanks to Industrial Athletic for giving you the opportunity to try some quality lifting shoes. For those who ordered yesterday the shoes should be in early this week.
For those who missed out yesterday, I have asked Rob to do it again next week during the Skill Session at 10am.

Here are some links to movements you may be unfamiliar with this week:

Mid Hang Clean Pull

Scarecrow Clean

Tall Clean

Mid Hang Clean

Rules: IWF Rules HERE.

Scoring: Sinclair ,Percentage of World Record, Siff, and Sinclair-Malone-Meltzer Calculator HERE.