We hope you have enjoyed the new skills emphasis we introduced this week, the next few weeks will bring more of the same. If you have a specific skill you want to work on let us know. In addition we will start to include some GWOD (Gymnastic Workout Of the Day) workouts as a build up to the Gymnastics Seminar we are hosting on October 7th.

Bring a Friend Workout

Do you have a friend you want to introduce to CrossFit but not sure how? Then bring them along to our partner workout on Aug 18th. It will be scaled for everyone’s fitness level and you get to workout with your friend and show them what CrossFit is all about.

Spring Clean Up

30 Days of eating clean. Starts Sept 1st – more info HERE.

Oly Build Up Program

So how did week one go for those following the program? Remember to focus on technique, use the Oly Skills session on Aug 25 and Open Gym on Sept 8 to go heavy. Not too much new in week two, just make sure you know the difference between a Clean and a Power Clean.

Please note this from Greg at Catalyst Athletics, the same applies at MaD – “The clean brings a barbell from the floor to the shoulders. Regardless of at what height the bar is first secured on the shoulders, if the athlete squats during the receipt and recovery, it is a clean. The term “squat clean” is redundant. Don’t say it.”

We will also be adding weight to the Snatch Balance you have been doing in the Skills Transfer Exercises, this will help get you comfortable with having weight overhead. Once again, any questions, let us know before you start lifting. This article on the “Press Out” is worth reading, pressing out is the major reason for most failed lifts once you get the weight overhead.

Sequence shot of two-time Olympic Champion Ilya Ilin (-94kg, Kazakhstan) snatching 185kg on his 3rd attempt at the 2012 Olympic Games.