Bring a Friend

Thanks to all those who brought someone along to share their Saturday morning workout. We hope they “enjoyed” the experience and now have an insight into what it is you do here. We will be holding these every month, they are free to any members and don’t count as a visit against your membership. So please feel free to bring your friends, family and neighbors to the next bring a friend workout on Sep 22nd.

Body Care and Maintenance

We hope you also enjoyed the skills session, there is only so much we can achieve in the hour you are at the gym. You need to take responsibility for your own inflexibility and work on the issues you know you have in your own time.

House Keeping

Please check in the changing rooms and take home your clothes or they will be donated at the end of this week. Also please take your towels home with you after your workouts, we will be getting rid of any that remain at the end of this week.

Spring Clean Up

Good to see so many sign up for the Spring Clean Up. Make sure you read the information on the Clean Up page HERE. We are running this on a honour system, so partner up with others who are taking part and offer your support. We are not going to “make” you do this, we are all adults and can take responsibility for our own actions. We will send out information each week to help you along though.

Oly Program

Week 3, time to start working on your jerk. Please make sure you are working technique as a priority. Load can come later once you have: Position, Movement and Speed sorted. Coach B has something to say about jumping and driving yourself under the bar HERE. “The work comes from the legs and the hips,” he explains. “The speed comes from driving the body down, not driving the bar up—that’s the key.”

Tall Power Jerk

Tall Power Jerk Behind Neck – no video but same movement as above but behind your head!

Power Jerk Behind Neck 

Women's 63kg class: Maiya Maneza (KAZ) taking gold, setting a new Olympic record total of 245kg (110kg snatch and 135 kg c&j)