A few things to read and watch today.

Spring Clean Up

Wonder why we don’t use a points system for any of our nutrition challenges.

“A point system serves to disassociate the nutritional choices you make (eating the cookie) with your actual physical consequences (blood sugar volatility, sugar cravings, digestive distress). Instead, you now face a different choice: forgo the delicious cookie, or incur “a point.” Which one sounds more appetizing to you?”

Whole 9 sums it up nicely here “The Trouble with Points”.

Form Before Intensity

A good perspective on this from our friend Freddy at CrossFit One World.

“Does this scene sound familiar?

The trainer yells “3, 2, 1…Go!”. The music turns up loud. People are grunting and groaning. The next thing you know you’re caught up in the frenzy. Everything you learned about performing any particular movement well goes out the door. Someone is yelling something at you, but you don’t have time to listen. You are flying through the workout. In the end, you’re sprawled out on the floor. You killed it. Oh, wait a second, there was a trainer there yelling coaching cues to you about your movement during the workout? What does the trainer know? You finished first and you did it “As Rx’d.” You are a CrossFitter!!!

In anything we do in life, doing things wrong is always less efficient than doing things right. Unfortunately, training at high intensity has what we call “The Slop Factor”: reach the point of exhaustion, and there is going to be some loss of good technique in your movement. I agree with this 100%, but you should not be sloppy for the ENTIRE workout just for the sake of being the fastest. You should not be thinkng, “Why do it right if I can do it wrong?”

Read the whole post HERE.

Oly Comp Program

Not too much new this week.

Lunge – Perform a lunge with the bar racked on the shoulders as it would be in a clean or front squat.

Jerk Balance – Starting with the bar in the jerk rack position and the feet split to approximately half the final split jerk length. Dip and drive the bar up overhead while pushing against the planted back foot and moving the front foot the remaining distance into the final split position.

Split Jerk Behind The Neck – This is a split jerk with the bar started on top of the traps behind the neck.

Watch this if you need some inspiration.