Spring Clean Up started yesterday, if you are taking part then be honest with yourself and as it says in the picture, “Work as hard on your diet as you do in the gym”. You will see positive results if you stick with it. As a primer, read about the effects of sugar on you HERE.

Run Clinic 10am – Noon Sep 22

This is your chance to start working on improving your run technique. We will do some video analysis, skills, drills and program work during the 2 hour session. Cost is $10 to members, $35 for friends of members and $50 for non members. Sign up HERE to reserve your spot.

Oly Program – Week 5

Once again, not too much new this week. This is the last heavy week. Next week we will deload so make the most of your time under the heavy weights. By heavy I still mean 60% max!

Split Jerk – With a barbell in the jerk rack position, bend the knees to bring the hips straight down (no torso lean) and quickly reverse to drive the bar up as you push yourself underneath, catching with locked arms in a lunge position.

Snatch Deadlift – This is a deadlift performed in the identical posture to the pull of the snatch but at normal deadlift tempo. There is no drive onto the balls of the feet or shrug.

Clean and Jerk – The second of the two Olympic lifts. The clean brings the bar from the floor to the shoulders and the jerk brings the bar from the shoulders to overhead. “Jerk” without any qualifier implies the athlete’s chosen jerk style for maximal lifts, which will for the overwhelming majority of athletes be the split jerk.

Maria Harlova (-75kg, Russia) C&Jing 125kg on her 3rd attempt at the 2012 Junior Worlds. Harlova finished in 2nd overall.