Bring a Friend WOD  9am Sep 22

Another chance to introduce your friends or family to CrossFit. Bring them along and workout with them as they get a taste of your workout.

Run Clinic 10am – Noon Sep 22

This is your chance to start working on improving your run technique. We will do some video analysis, skills, drills and program work during the 2 hour session. Cost is $10 to members, $35 for friends of members and $50 for non members. Sign up HERE to reserve your spot.

Oly Program – Week 6

The end is nigh. No new movements. This week really look to keep the weights light and deload. For a good review of the movement standards we will be using next Saturday, watch THIS. There has been some discussion of “banging” the bar off the thighs, HERE is a good perspective on it from Greg Everett at Catalyst Athletics. Next weekend if the weather behaves we will fire up the BBQ after we finish the lifts 🙂

Christine Girard (-63kg, Canada) 130kg sequence with both the clean and the jerk.