In House Oly Comp

Well done to all the lifters at yesterday’s Oly Comp. Some new PR’s and the chance to experience an Oly style competition atmosphere.

The full results are HERE. Congrats to our top two lifters, Amy and Thomas. Also great work by Jenna and Nick who were the only ones to go 6 for 6. Jenna along with Emma L were last minute additions to the comp and deserve congratulations for taking the lifts on at short notice. There are lots more pics on Flikr and Facebook. I will also get the video edited as soon as I can.

Thanks to the bar loaders, Lea, Tink and Liam. I am sure all the lifters appreciated your hard work.

Run Clinic 10am – Noon Sep 22

This is your chance to start working on improving your run technique. We will do some video analysis, skills, drills and program work during the 2 hour session. Cost is $10 to members, $35 for friends of members and $50 for non members. Sign up HERE to reserve your spot.

Bring a Friend WOD  9am Sep 22

Another chance to introduce your friends or family to CrossFit. Bring them along and workout with them as they get a taste of your workout.