Hope you remembered to put your clocks forward last night. At least you won’t be late to the gym as it’s a rest day.

Fun Partner Workout yesterday. We usually hit a team or partner workout on Saturday at 9am, so if you want some one to share the work with make sure to hit a Saturday session.

Then folks stuck around or came in to work on a few skills

Spring Clean Up

Congrats to all those who took part in the Spring Clean Up. The results so far look good and we have yet to see the BaseLine improvements. You can hit BaseLine in place of the MetCon on Monday or Tuesday. If you still need to get measured 6pm on Monday and Tuesday is the best time. Otherwise we will try to squeeze you in before or between classes.

Events Coming Up


On Nov 3rd we will hold a CrossFit for Hope workout to benefit The Wellington Childrens Hospital. “Hope” is the replacement for “Fight Gone Bad” following a bit of a legal battle in the USA for control of Fight Gone Bad as an event. “Hope” uses the same timing format but the movement are; Burpees, 35/25kg Power Snatch, Box jump 24″ box, 35/25kg Thruster and Chest to bar Pull-ups. Entry into the workout will be a minimum gold coin donation, it is for a good cause so dig deep folks.

Trans Tasman Challenge

On Nov 10 we will face off against the CrossFit Darwin crew in a series of workouts. We will run normal class times, but due to the time difference, if you want to share the experience live with the guys in Darwin we will run a special session at 11:30am which will line up with the 8am class in Darwin. The workouts will be a mix of strength focus, a classic triplet and a skill based chipper. We will have a Skype feed up on the big screen so it should be a fun session. Bring your A game as we take on the Aussies.

Partner Challenge

On Dec 22 we will hold our second Pre Christmas Partner Challenge and BBQ. We will start at 9am and finish with a BBQ lunch once the fun and games are over with. This was a blast last year and we expect the same again.

The Girls are looking forward to Christmas