Good times yesterday with the Team Workout and Clean Ladder.

Funniest part of the Team Workout was Juliet taking out Thomas with a WallBall. Thankfully Thomas was fine and went on to hit 100kg on the Clean Ladder. Speaking of Juliet HERE is the link to her music, you may not know it but you have been listening to her in the gym for the past few weeks.

The Clean Ladders were fun, next time we will start the boys heavier and take the weight up to 120kg. Lea took it out for the girls with 60kg + 13 Deadlifts @ 62.5kg. Nick took it out for the boys with 100kg + 24 Deadlifts.

Toady we host a Gymnastics Seminar with Coach Carl Paoli from Gymnastics WOD. Look forward to all the coaches learning new techniques and cues to help improve your gymnastics movements.

Bring a Friend Workout

This months Bring a Friend Workout is at 9am on Saturday Oct 27. Prime your family and friends to come in and experience CrossFit for themselves. This workout is free to all members and does not count as one of your weekly visits.