A few things coming up and getting your goats.

Bring a Friend Workout

This months Bring a Friend Workout is at 9am on Saturday Oct 27. Prime your family and friends to come in and experience CrossFit for themselves. This workout is free to all members and does not count as one of your weekly visits.


On Nov 3rd we will hold a CrossFit for Hope workout to benefit The Wellington Childrens Hospital.  “Hope” uses the same timing format as “Fight Gone Bad” but the movements are; Burpees, 35/25kg Power Snatch, Box jump 24″ box, 35/25kg Thruster and Chest to bar Pull-ups. This can be scaled to any fitness or experience level. Entry into the workout will be a minimum gold coin donation, it is for a good cause so dig deep folks. This workout is open to anyone, members, non members and anyone who wants to register HERE!

Trans Tasman Challenge

On Saturday, Nov 10, we will face off against the CrossFit Darwin crew in a series of workouts. We will run normal class times, but due to the time difference, if you want to share the experience live with the guys in Darwin we will run a special session at 11:30am which will line up with the 8am class in Darwin. The workouts are a heavy single deadlift in 10 minutes, a 12 minute AMRAP of KBS, Overhead Lunges and 200m run, and finally a Chipper with a 9 minute time cap. Points are awarded for each workout and the gym with the highest score at the end wins bragging rights and the flag pictured below to hang in their gym until next year. We will have a Skype feed up on the big screen so it should be a fun session. Bring your A game as we take on the Aussies.

Get your goats!

“Goat” = a movement you don’t like or suck at or both.

A few folks have asked about volume training to improve on certain movements. Volume training is a great way of improving on your goats, especially bodyweight movements. Ask a coach for a volume training template.

Perform the volume work twice a week, no more, no less and not on back to back days. This can be done at home or prior to class or as part of your warm up. Get it done before you lift heavy or hit a MetCon. The volume training is reps performed on the minute for 20 minutes.

The goal is to work sub maximally (not reaching muscle failure) and maintain a difference of no more than 2 reps from the first set to the last set.