“Hope” Fundraiser for Wellington Childrens Hospital from 9am until we are done.

“Hope” uses the same timing format as “Fight Gone Bad”, that is, three rounds of one minute of each movement for as many repetitions as possible, followed by one minutes rest after each round. In “Hope” the movements are;


35/25kg Power Snatch,

Box jump 24″ box,

35/25kg Thruster and

Chest to bar Pull-ups.

Entry into the workout will be a minimum gold coin donation, it is for a good cause so dig deep folks.This does not count as one of your weekly visits so get in here.

Anyone can take part in this workout, just sign up HERE!

Scaling options are:


25/15kg for Snatch and Thruster

20″ Box Jump

Chin Over Bar Pull Ups


15/7kg for Snatch and Thruster

12″ Box

Body Rows