Team Workout

Teams of 4 – ½ team works at a time while other ½ rests, alternating within the team for AMRAP during each 2 min interval

Round 1: AMRAP 2min
Team A – wallballs
Team B – Pull Ups

AMRAP 2min
Team A –Pull Ups
Team B –wall balls

All – 200m Run/jog

Round 2: AMRAP 2min
Team A- Knees to elbow
Team B – Push Ups

AMRAP 2min
Team A- Push Ups
Team B- knees to elbows

Score is total reps for rounds 1 and 2.


At 10am Lea will take you through some Strongman Skills, while a few of us head to WelTech to take part in our first Olympic Weightlifting Comp.