Great work at the Partner Challenge yesterday. 21 Teams in total, 3 rugged workouts and a heap of food and drink to follow. Good times.

First up was a max OHS and Clean

Some numbers from the boys: Heaviest Clean 105kg, Heaviest OHS 100kg and from the ladies: Heaviest Clean 60kg, Heaviest OHS 52.5kg.

Then a Farmers Walk Relay with some running thrown in.

Finally a Chipper with a twist. The twist being you had to hold a kettlebell at chest height the whole workout. That made it a tough workout indeed.

Top 3 mixed teams:

3 Dan and Ann

2 Rocky at Matty

1 Amy and Nick

Top 3 Mens team:

3 Casey and Devin

2 Matt and Liam

1 Daniel and Woodrow

Top 3 Womens teams:

3 Josie and Abbie

2 Donna and Anita

1 Lou and Emma L

Top Team overall – Lou and Emma L

Great turnout and a fun day. Awesome food afterwards.

Thanks so much to you all for making the MaD CrossFit community an encouraging and welcoming environment. We had veterans and newbies working out side by side today and everyone was supportive and giving it their all. That is what CrossFit is all about.

Now go enjoy your break and the rest of today as a rest day.

We will be in the gym from 9am to noon on Monday the 24th. All members are welcome. It will be Open Gym rules, so come in with an idea of what you want to do. Otherwise you will be doing the  WOD.