One from our friends at Animas CrossFit

World War Z

Create teams of 4. Half of the team does the Zombie WOD, the other half does the Defender WOD, then they switch. At the conclusion, all 4 team members should have done both WODS.  Both WODS are done for time, and then added together. Shortest time wins. All exercises in both WODS are done with one partner working as long as they can, while the other rests, in succession, until they get each task accomplished.
• “Walk Like the Dead”: 30 wall walks
• “Grave Bursters” : 60 burpees
• “Brain Toss” : 60 Wall Ball (20/14# to 10’)
• “Blood on the Bar” : 60 Pull ups
• “Haul Off the Dead” : 200 M Partner Carry (Switch off) – Partner Carry can be subbed for 400m worth of Sandbag Carry 40/20kg
• “Suppressing Fire” : 200 Double Unders
• “Jump High or Die” : 100 Box Jumps (24/20″)
• “Skull Crushers” : 30 Tire Flips OR 60 Deadlifts (85/60kgs)

Then from 10am to noon we will have the Nutrition and Goal Setting Seminar. $10 per person.