Bring a Friend

Good turnout for the Bring a Friend workout yesterday, next one is Saturday Feb 16. This is a free class for all and does not count as one of your weekly visits.

Coach’s Prep

This week MaD attended the CrossFit Coach’s Prep Course in Auckland. This is conducted by CrossFit HQ and is for the Level 1 Coach’s. The purpose of this course is to teach:

  • Essential mechanics of functional movement in terms of Safety and Performance
  • Fault identification & correction: seeing, organizing, cueing, feedback
  • Essentials of a Good Trainer: creating a personal awareness
  • Effective Programming: design, scaling, quality, evaluating
  • Class/Session Management: ideas, tips, and examples of efficient AND effective group workouts
  • Coaching under load and effectively managing group strength work (heavy days)
  • Creating a Culture of Success: optimizing cohesion and enthusiasm in the gym
  • Level 2 Coach’s Certification preparation

It was a great course and we are coming back with some new ideas . Thanks to all our coaches for holding down the fort. Special thanks to Mike M. for popping Liam’s finger back in place.

Testing yourself outside the gym?

We encourage you all to test your fitness outside the box. If you are competing, please let us know so we can support you, post it under MaD events, and also promote it in the gym so other members can join you. Today we will be at Oriental Bay cheering on Casey and Mrs.T aka Joy on their swim.

On Ramp

We have an On Ramp starting on Monday. We are trying something new. We will have a smaller On Ramp during the 6pm session, and will be running a 7:30 pm session as well. Spreading the numbers across these two sessions should insure that On Ramp has minimal impact on regular class sessions.

Sign In

Please make sure you sign into classes so we can have the appropriate amount of coaches on the floor.

Skill Sessions

If you have a skill session you’d like us to add, please email Matt,