Nutrition Challenge Wraps up on Monday

The New Year Nutrition Challenge wraps up On Monday, February 4th when we will repeat the benchmark, take “after” pictures, weigh-in, re-measure and report progress on our goals. Rocky will be there to remeasure and weigh in from 7am to 10am in the morning and 5pm to 6:30pm in the evening. Registration for weigh in and remeasure has CLOSED WEF 9pm Feb 3rd.


CrossFit Open

The 2013 CrossFit Games Open starts on March 6th and it is time to get everyone registered.  And by everyone, I mean EVERYONE!!!

5 workouts over 5 weeks.  Every Thursday a new workout will be announced and it must be completed and logged into the system by Monday afternoon.  The workouts are generally accessible to all levels of CrossFitter and are appropriate for all to take part in.  This is not at the level of Regionals or the Games, or even many of the local events you have all heard about.  The Open is designed for universal participation for all who participate in CrossFit.

At MaD CrossFit we encourage universal participation in the CrossFit Open.  Regardless of your age, ability, or experience, this is the annual worldwide barometer of how fit you are and how fit our gym is.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by participating.  You will do the workouts here at the gym regardless of whether or not you actually register.  Even if you have to scale something, you should take part in this event.  To us it’s very simple.  If you do CrossFit, you should do the Open.

The whole gym will be talking and buzzing about this event.  Please don’t exclude yourself or get left out.  Make it a training goal to participate in and complete all 5 workouts each to the best of your current abilities.  We do not care what your scores are, we want to you to participate and be part of this worldwide community. Please support and represent us!


After you complete registration, find the link that says Join an Affiliate, and seclect MaD CrossFit from the list.