Great job on the Crossfit Games 13.1 workout yesterday and earlier in the week. Some people hit PR’s others achieved far more than they thought possible.

A note on those PR’s though. ONLY count them if they were legit. NO PRESS OUT and solid technique. Good form is critical to your longevity as a CrossFitter. While the occasional bit of “slop” in a Games workout is inevitable don’t count it as a PR and don’t make it a habit.

Saturday Skills Sessions

There will be no Skill Sessions during the duration of the CrossFit Games Open, which finishes Apr 6th. The Open workouts will take place from 9 to 11am. You don’t have to be registered to do the Open workouts, just come on in, we will scale the workout and you can help judge and count for other members. It is a lot of fun and a great atmosphere, come into the gym and get amongst it.

Newsletter and Survey

Make sure you check your In Box today, as we have sent out a newsletter with a link to  a survey we would like you to complete. Help us decide what class hours best suits you the members.


Happy Birthday Coach Lea 🙂