Great work on the 13.2 CrossFit Games Open workout yesterday. Remember if you need to do the workout outside of Saturday morning let Matt know. Remember to log your scores on the Games site HERE so Matt can validate them.

Warrior Dash

Good times at the Warrior Dash yesterday as well. Thanks to Sharla and Mel for suggesting it 🙂

Some of the MaD CF crew before……

… and after

Oly Lifting

Casual Steve and Lea lifted at the Wellington Weightlifting Association meet at WelTec yesterday. Congrats to Lea for taking part in her first official Oly Comp. Lea Snatch 40kg C&J 50kg Total 90kg. Steve Snatch 70kg C&J 95kg Total 165kg.

BaD As IV Womens Open Weightlifting Comp

Details for BaD As IV are HERE. Open registration starts Mar 24th.

Open Gym for Unlimited Members

Open Gym for Unlimited Members starts on Monday. Hours are 10am to 1pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are also adding an hour of Open Gym on Saturdays from11am to 12pm. These Open Gym times are for Unlimited Members ONLY. You must sign in on Mind Body at least 3 hours ahead of time. This is to allow us to ensure that we are where we need to be when you need us there.


Survey Feedback

Answers to some of your comments on last weekends survey.

Comment: 5:45 pm class would be good too.  Would very much appreciate a Sunday class.

Although we would love to accommodate everyone’s schedule, you won’t see classes on the :45 hour.  We will keep Sunday’s in mind for future classes. There has been interest.

Comment: Capping numbers would be good but I guess that’s what the extra times are for.

We do cap each class at 20, and will always try to maintain a 1:10 coach to member ratio. We just ask that people sign into class. The only times we’ve gone over, or only had one class scheduled with over 10 people is when members don’t sign in. We encourage sign in, but we do not turn members away.

Comment: more wods with Olympic movements please

This strength cycle is more Oly focused so everyone can train up for the in house Oly comp on April 20th.

Comment: More metcons! Prefer to have more of the longer WOD’s – 20-30 mins+ over the short 10-12 minute ones.

I can only guess that this is from a new member. Long metcons do not make you stronger, in fact they will just break you eventually. Building strength will make you stronger, faster and more useful in general. Long mentcons are great for once in a while, I would suggest throwing yourself harder at the short ones….with good form first of course.

Comment: I like it that coaches are now taking us through stretching at the end of classes 🙂

Yeah! Good to hear, we like it too! 

Comment: Burpees for people who don’t sign in hehe

Great idea! 

Comment: I know you don’t want to say no to people but when you have a class of 20+ and only one coach its gets a bit tough. I say a 5pm is looking pretty busy send a txt or email out to ask if anyone wants to change to 6:30 or something. I know we would do that if made it easier on you guys and gave a better ratio in the gym.    Other than that, love all you’re hard work guys from day one you guys have both been awesome.

We do cap it, but when people don’t sign in we cannot plan ahead. We are also adding more class times that should eliminate this issue. If members sign in last minute it is hard to add extra coaches.  Everyone who does not sign in, will be getting a weekly email reminder 😉

Comment: Having more open gym times seems like a good idea.

Trying out adding more class times as of April 2 and open gym times for unlimited members starts Monday! 

Comment: Perhaps more bring a friend days.. I have several friends who are keen, but the last few, sessions I have been out of town. Can’t wait to bring them along!

Great to hear, we have them once a month, if we run them too often, it would be unfair to members. We will try to get better about scheduling them ahead of time so you can plan. Next one is April 6, 11am.

Comment: Later evening class please. Enjoying the warm up and cool down stretches that we do now.

With this survey we only had 2 requests for classes later than 6:30pm. Sorry, not this time.

Comment: A class after kindy/school drop off time would be great – either shifting 9.00 am class a little later or making one at 10.00. Love being a part of the MaD community – thanks for all that you do.

We have a few new members that have the same issue, if they we can get enough interest (3or more) we’ll be happy to add a new class.

Comment: May be good to review “rules” every so often, even though I know coaches do anyway. I recently had a box taken away from me while I was on a band on the pull-up bar. Awkward. 🙂

It is really up to our members to enforce the rules etc. If someone poaches your spot, then let them know, I’m sure they didn’t do it on purpose. If you are not comfortable with this then let the coach know and they will address the issue for the whole class.

Comment: Would like to see the addition of endurance classes.

Thanks for that, we are talking about adding one or two to the schedule.

Comment:  With a few more options in times like the open gyms on Sat 11am or Sun then that would be great & allow more training.

As of next week we will have Open Gym from 11am to 12pm on Sat for Unlimited Members.

Comment:  Keen for open gym on Sunday providing there are no clashes of other events.

We will keep this in mind and if the interest is there we will look to add Open Gym for a couple of hours on Sunday.

Thanks for all your feedback. It allows us to improve the service at MaD CrossFit and give you what you need.