New Flag

Thanks to Corey for the latest flag addition to MaD CrossFit. We will miss you once you head back to the US. Always fun having a Marine on board.

CrossFit Games Open

Another CrossFit Games Open season is behind us. Thanks for taking part, great to see so many of you pushing hard and achieving things you didn’t think you were capable of. Well done to those who attempted all five workouts, sometimes you can surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

Check out the MaD CrossFit Team leader boards HERE.

Our top performers were:


Lou, Lea, Rach, Rocky and Amy


Stephen, Woodrow, Mason, Matt and Josh

Special mention:

Yasmine and Grant for finding a way to hit the workouts while travelling.

Josie for being part of the MaD CF team even though she was in Auckland for the whole season

Tracey for hitting a PR on every workout

Mel for redoing 13.3, you must really love Wallballs 🙂

Tahlia, the dark horse sitting at number 6 on the leaderboard, look out next year ladies

Emma W, who last year would have struggled to lift the Rx weight, hitting every workout hard this time around.

The workouts:

13.1 – 17 min AMRAP of Burpees and Snatches

13.2 – 10 min AMRAP of Shoulder to Overhead, Deadlifts and Box Jumps

13.3  – 12 min AMRAP of Wallballs, Double Unders and Muscle Ups

13.4  – 7 min AMRAP of Clean and Jerk and Toes to Bar

13.5 – 4 min AMRAP of Thrusters and Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Some thoughts about the CrossFit Games Open, in your own words…….

Amy P – I should have registered… Learned my lesson that Matt is (almost) always right… Looking forward to next year already though! I loved getting 13.1 and 13.2 done. Definitely surprised myself

Tash – Such fun. looking forward to next year. Wall balls were my favourite..seriously

Emma W – 13.2 was my favourite, but in terms of surprising myself in what I could do – 13.4!

Mel – I have to say I never thought I’d get past the first round so was great to complete all 5. I loved 13.3 so much I did it twice!

Tahlia April 8, 2013

Thanks Josh, Matt and the 6am crew for cheering me through 13.5.

I’m so glad I took part in the open and did a lot better than I thought would! Really recommend to everyone to give it a go next year no matter how new you are to CrossFit. Thanks Donna and Matt for talking me into it

Carol April 8, 2013

Big thanks to Matt, Lea and the 9am crew, exceeded expectations in the Games WOD – many thanks to Matt for taking time for judging Call me nuts, but I do love Thrusters! I think I actually got 2 new PR’s today, one for box jumps – only 2″ off Rx now, yay! And a new PR for Thrusters, my last recorded was only 15kg. The Games were fantastic, got me out of my comfort zone and showed me strengths I didn’t know I had, I second Tahlia, do it next year – well worth it! Thanks MaD crew

The last few seconds of 13.3

Did you know?

We have a mobility page HERE which contains information on using your foam roller and a link to Mobility WOD. Take responsibility for your own inflexibility. Find the link in the TOOLS menu at the top of the page.