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We have a new feature, our MaD Member of the month, kicking us off is Graham.

MaD Member of the Month



Graham Allen

Age: 51

CrossFitting Since: May 2011

Most memorable WOD: There are a few memorable ones, but it would probably have to go to my first WOD after On Ramp. I thought I was quite fit until then. What a shock that was!

Favourite WOD: Jonesworthy.

What I hate to see on the board: I don’t hate anything, but I’m not a fan of running. I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m not a natural runner. I don’t usually see the board until I walk through the door, so I take it as it comes. To me it’s all part of the challenge.

Favorite Lift: At the moment I’m enjoying practicing the Oly lifts and I’m looking forward to the Barbell Club. Favorite movement would be KBS.

Biggest change in myself physically: Apart from losing 25kg since I started and having the ability to lift my arm above my head, the increase in my fitness level is what I’ve noticed the most.

Biggest change mentally: The ability to zone out and keep going, even though it’s hurting like hell. Oh, and becoming a little more patient (sometimes!)

Next 3 month goal: To make more of an effort to crack pull ups, as they’re driving me nuts at the moment (What did I say about being more patient!)

Most memorable moment: Apart from arriving at the box in a different time zone to everyone else the other week, it would have to be my first RX WOD. I had a grin like a Cheshire cat for about a week. Also, watching Pete do Burpees is always memorable.

Why I CrossFit: Support, community & variety. These 3 things are, for me, what makes CrossFit a good place to be. I’ve competed in sports from an early age, with Rugby, Boxing & Martial Arts, but never found anything that was a whole package, until I found CrossFit. Only wish I’d found it a bit earlier.

Last Cheat Meal: Can’t remember the last cheat meal, but the next one will be on my birthday and will probably involve Chocolate cake of some sort and beer.

How do you answer a friend when they ask, “What is CrossFit?”

That’s a hard one. The conversation usually ends with “come & give it a go and find out for yourself”.