Casey’s Channel Challenge Chipper

Good turnout for Casey’s fund raising workout yesterday, lots of new faces in the gym and a fun team workout. For those who missed it the workout was based of a few facts and figures from the English Channel, that Casey will swim later this year. If you want to help him get to his goal please donate HERE.

As a team row for max distance in 6min 55 seconds. This number is based on the current channel record of 6 hours and 55 minutes. Once you finish the row start on the other movements.  The 1st team member must finish the movement before the next person can start. Score is place for distance rowed and place for completing the entire chipper by all team members

Air Squat 44 – based on the total number of one way swimmers 1331 (13+31 =44)

Pull Ups 18 – based on the distance in nautical miles

Wall Ball 21 – based on the distance in miles 20/14# to 10/9’

Sit Up 32 – based on the date of the 1st crossing 24/08/1875 (24+8=32) Captain Matthew Webb 21 hours and 45 min

Box Jump 20 – based on the last possible day of the attempt in 2013 11/09/2013 (11+9=20) 24/20”

Double Unders 107 – based on the total number of crossings 1790 (17+90=107) Scale to 214 singles

Burpees 33 – based on distance in km

These movements are some of Casey’s favourites so we hope you enjoyed them. Taking it out on the day was Woodrow’s team, followed by Casual Steve’s team and then bring up the 3rd place was Casey’s team. To follow his progress keep an eye on his website HERE.

Casey thanks all those who turned out and gave it a go

CrossFit Games Regionals

For those who did or followed the CrossFit Games Open, the next stage of the Games season is just around the corner. All the workouts for the Regionals have been announced HERE, check them out and prepare to see similar stuff in some upcoming sessions.

Wellington Cup

A heads up and some detail about an upcoming CrossFit Central Wellington event. WE are one of the invited teams, so if you are interested in taking part let MaD know. Here are some of the details from CFCW.

The Competition

20 Invited Affiliates sending 4 RxD Athletes (2 Men and 2 Women) and 2 Scaled Athletes – Optional (1 Man and 1 Woman)
A total of 120 Competitors plus the All Star team (124 all up)

1 All Star Team (Ruth, Lindsey, Rob and ??)

We ask that you send us 4 of your top athletes (2 male and 2 female) to represent your affiliate. Theses people will be competing individually for the top places and their scores will also go toward their Affiliate team score.

We also ask that you send up to 2 additional athletes (1 male and 1 female) to participate in the event (completely optional). They will compete in the same workouts, but their score will not contribute to the team score. This is here to allow affiliates to send ‘Scaled’ athletes without concern as to how they will affect the team score. This is NOT compulsory however it’s a good opportunity for you to send down some people that may have never competed before, give them some experience in a competition and to allow full participation from your box from the wider community.
Day One
There will be 4 workouts on the first day.
The first 3 workouts will be individual workouts where the top 4 Athletes scores (lets call them your RxD Athletes) will also go towards that Affiliates team score.
The “Scaled” Athletes will compete in the same workouts alongside the RxD competitors (there will be no scaling, the workouts will be either medium weight/medium skill or ladder type workouts that everyone can do or at least start – much like the Open) and their scores will not go towards the Affiliates team score.
The 4th workout on Day One will be a Team workout, where the 4 RxD Athletes will compete together. The scores for this workout will only go towards the Affiliates team score. This WOD has no effect on an Athletes individual score. The Scaled Athletes will not compete in the 4th workout.
After day one, the team scoring component is finished then we move on to day two. So there will be a result after day one, we will know which Affiliate has won the Affiliate cup (as such).
Day Two
There will be 3 workouts on the second day.
All Athletes, RxD and Scaled will compete in the first workout. There will then be a cut, only the top “X” number of men and top “X” number of women will continue to the second workout. We can assume from this, that the Scaled Athletes will not be competing after WOD 1 in the second day.
After the second workout there will be another cut for the final or 3rd WOD.
Final WOD
We will now run a final with the top “X” number of Male Athletes and top “X” number of Female Athletes.
Special Guest Athletes
We’re excited to confirm that Rob Forte will now be flying over to compete in our “all-star” team. Rob along with Lindsey Valenzuela, Ruth Anderson-Horrell and one other Male yet to be confirmed are huge draw cards and we hope this will spur the NZ CrossFit community to come down and get amongst the weekend.
The other exciting confirmation is CrossFit Brisbane. They will also be sending a team of Athletes over to compete, a big commitment but also testament to the calibre of competition they expect to find.