Time for another Bring A Friend workout, remember these don’t count as one of your weekly visits so share your workout with friend and family for free.

In teams of four, complete As Many Rounds and reps As Possible (AMRAP) in 24 minutes of:
Run 200 Meters
Push-Ups x 20 reps
Walking Lunges with Dumbbells x 25m
Box Jumps x 20 reps

Teams must rotate stations as a team, with only one team member working at each station.

You cannot begin working on your next task until all team members have completed their station tasks and are ready to move one.

Thus, you must work as a team, communicate effectively and motivate your teammates to keep moving throughout the 24 minutes.

Then at the 10am Skills Session we will focus on your Olympic Weightlifting Skills.

Gymnasty Sessions

We are launching a specific Gymnasty class. Like the Barbell Club Oly program, these are a separate course for members only and cost $99. The first 4 week course will start  on Tuesday Jun 18. Gymnasty will run Tuesdays and Thurdays at 7:30pm. Each hour long session will feature both skill work and a gymnastics based workout. In order to ensure you get the attention you need, numbers are limited to 6 per course. Don’t worry, like Barbell Club we will run more courses. But if you want to be in on the first one hit the button below and sign up now.